Capture The Flag Security Machines

Want to improve your Penetration / Ethical Hacking skills but don’t know where to start?


We are introducing our own designed capture the flag machines to help pentester and ethical hacker to improve skill set.  Every machine is designed for some realistic challenge for a pentester / hacker. And all VM’s is very helpful for High-end practical level examinations as well as for those who are struggling to solve machines on Hackthebox platform.

Please give us your love in the form of feedback to We will be there to handle all the technical queries & respond as soon as possible.


S.N.Machine NameDescriptionAuthorLevelDownload Link
1Prime: 1This machine is designed for those who are trying to prepare for high end practical examination. This is first level of prime series. Machine is as lengthy as hands-on practical examination and Hackthebox's machines. So, you have to target root flag as well as user flag to completely solve the machine.

We will be providing technical support to the folks. Stay tuned for latest updates!!
Suraj PandeyIntermediateClick Here

Stay tuned & till then HacknPentest!!!